Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wildlife in Amongst Life

Three doctor's appointments, two rounds of antibiotics, and several months later, my toenail is coming off. An appointment is set for Monday, at a time when I would usually be asleep. I am alternately interested and intrigued and grossed out.

My dad and I are starting chemistry labs this week. They are "left-overs" from the school year. I don't think I'll be blowing anything up, but you might want to keep your distance, just in case.

My art and photography classes both end this week. Yesterday was my last photography class, and Thursday is the end of drawing trees.I feel like I learned a fair amount in my photography class, but it will be good to have them both be over, just because it will open my schedule up quite a bit.

My schedule does need to be opened up, because even the small activities I've been doing seem like too much. My energy has been lower, the headaches persist, and I've just all around been feeling worse. It doesn't help that I have had really bad luck finding good movies. I want comedies, and hopefully something that rates above two stars. Netflix is not very helpful-it seems to think I love depressing dramas.

Our yard has been a hot-spot for wildlife. I have seen a bear (I think it's the same one) twice in the past week. It really has been quite contrary when I pull out my camera. Hiding behind bushes and moving faster than my camera and eyes can. Despite this, I want to post some pictures, just because it's cool. We had a bear in our yard!

There has also been a doe and her two fawns hanging around. The first few times I was too slow getting the camera, and so by the time I was all set up, they were too far away. And then the light was weird (still was, in these pictures), and the shutter speed was way too slow. But then they stuck around for a while, and let me get close and have everything all set up. I don't think these pictures do their cuteness justice, but they'll just have to suffice.

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Jessica said...

thats so awesome about the wildlife!!! are we going to see Bears and stuff when we come to visit you? im sorry u have to get your toenail removed...that sucks :( have a great weekend!