Thursday, February 25, 2010


I ended up not having to go to the doctor on Monday,or having the tutor come by. I was pretty happy. Lots of time to spend in the pretty snow (even prettier because it was the reason I didn't have to go to the doctor) and lots of time to do nothing. Including watching the Olympics.

Terrie's Olympic List:

1) I love watching the Olympics and seeing everyone win and feel so good.

2) Dun, dun, dun dun dun du dah dadadadaduh....the theme song. Love it, despite its tendency to get stuck in my head for several months following the Olympics. Or really any time I hear it.

3) I love watching less than one ski race. I'm sorry, but after a while, it's just boring.

4) Same goes for skating.

5) I like watching some figure skating, but after a while I'm done. 

6) I seem to really enjoy the death-defying events. Including, but not limited to: aerials, half-pipe, snowboard and ski cross (this is only partially excluded from rule #2.)

7) I hate all the politics. I never realized how much stuff goes on behind the scenes, with judging and rivalries and all sorts of very un-sportmans-like conduct. I am trying to limit what I read, and just enjoy the sports.

8) This is very sad and a little embarressing, but thankfully it has been remedied. Until yesterday, I had never watched hockey. None. At all. I thought it was a stupid violent game with lots of guys getting into fights. Some of that is true, like the guys and the violence, but it is also really fun to watch. And I had a good team to root for. So now my Canadian cousins won't be embarressed by me. (Although they might not speak to me if the US wins.)

9) The Olympics make me feel stangely patriotic. I root for my country and am inspired and feel other things that are normally strangers to me except on July 4th. It's a nice change. And it makes me remember what a great place I live.

10) I love learning about the athletes and feeling more invested in how they do. And knowing all their names makes me feel like I know something. Especially when I can work them into conversations. Apolo Ohno Lindsey Vonn Hannah Teter Evan Lysacek Bode Miller. Ha, one breath, and it was totally natural. Beat that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

Snow days


Smokey spending time with me

Cute kids

My hair cooperating

Doing something I have to because I want to

Coloring with permanent markers

Not dropping stitches when I knit

Music that spans generational lines

Cool pillows

Winning at solitaire

Inspiring quotes

Fruit cobbler

Curling up in a tiny little ball

Cool hats

Typing fast

Giving mushy Valentine's Day cards

Giving funny birthday cards

Nice smelling lotion

Pictures of my friends on my bulletin board

Pretty flowers

Fuzzy anything

Perfectly shaved legs

Reconnecting with old friends

Making my mom cry when I give her Valentine's and Mother's Day cards

Cooking a yummy meal

Getting packages

Getting fun mail

Speaking Spanish with my dad


Doing something stupid and being able to laugh at myself

Not hitting the snooze button

Toe socks


The idea of getting snowed in

My favorite tree in our backyard

Being inspired by others

Reading a really good book

Re-reading Harry Potter

Picking ripe fruit from the garden

Doing something no one asked me to do

Surprising myself

The mailman

My necklace

Stopping the microwave at "0" seconds

Finding a song that I've loved for forever but have never been able to find

The sqeaky sound Smokey makes when I pick her up
The little things

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quiet Weekends

Yes, I still have a blog.
No, I did not flush myself down the toilet.
And no, I do not have any even half-good reasons for why I have been ignoring my blog for so long, so I won't even go there.

I am looking out at a snow covered driveway and icicles dripping off the porch roof. The snow flakes are drifting lazily to the ground, without a care in the world. A little like me at this moment. Except for the fact that I feel insanely guilty about not writing so here I am writing. But I think it is good for me to write, to just talk about what's going on and maybe reflect a litte on life. (I can't promise anything too deep or insightful.)

My parents have been gone this weekend on a skiing trip. I surprised myself at how relaxed I am, and how comfortable I am with no parents and a relative stranger in my house. Granted, she is a very nice stranger. She likes to cook, doesn't mind doing the dishes (!), and is totally cool with sitting in silence while doing homework or watching the Olympics. So all in all, a very nice stranger. Who isn't really a stranger at all.

I am dreading the return of a busy life tomorrow, when I drive to my doctor. (An hour and a half away, through the snow. In the small, cramped space of a car.) But it is always easier to do irritating things if you have something nice to think about, a little happy place you can take yourself back to.

The heater is on. The dishwasher is silent, having completed its task. The nice, (not) stranger is quietly rocking in the chair, chewing gum. I am typing away, the backspace key making more noise then most. The neighbor is sweeping her driveway. And I am in a good mood.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Life in a List

1) Snow, glorious snow. It started snowing yesterday and I think we were all pretty surprised when it started sticking, and then it started to pile up. My dad actually had to shovel the driveway. But there really isn't enough to do anything with (sledding, snowmen) so I am staying inside and singing about our glorious heating. And hot tea. And wondering why it isn't snowing more because the roads are appartently fine and my tutor is still coming. Grrrr.

2) Superbowl! My dad and I watched the whole game last night and I was pretty pumped. We usually end up rooting for different teams and last night was no exception. Although our reasons why are usually pretty random. I thought it was a really good game (onside kick in the middle of the game?!) until the end when the Colts just fell apart. I mean, even Payton Manning said that they sort of brought it upon themselves; it wasn't even the amazing Saints defense. And I'm not just saying it was disappointing because I was rooting for the Colts. It just takes the excitement out when one team loses all their energy. But on a happier note-the Saints won! I think it's pretty cool they won their first time in the Superbowl and after Katrina and everything. Now I just hope that everyone will stop saying everything the Saints do is because of Katrina.

3) Our laptop is gone for repairs and so there is one computer in the house, and I think it gets slower every time I use it. And none of the USB ports are working, so that's a bit of a problem. So, no pictures for you today.

4) I did something weird to my foot: sprained it or tweaked it or something. Now everytime it bends (in other words when I walk) I get a shooting pain up into my ankle. So I'm going around the house limping, pretending I'm not limping.

5) I'm going to get my hair cut in a couple of weeks. (Actually it's more like a month but this is important because I still don't know what I want to do with my hair.) I wanted to post pictures and get advice on what to do, but, see number 3. My hair has been pretty much the same in length for forever, and I really want to do something different. I'm thinking chin length? We'll see if I'm brave enough to actually do that.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New and Improved

So it probably looks different around here. I've been thinking for a while that "Unangsty Teen" just isn't me. And I'm not so sure how unangsty I really am. In a lot of ways I lead a very enviable life, but in other ways my life is very much full of angst. And besides, it's a long title and I bet half the people out there don't even know what angst is.

A few weeks ago I got an "Imagine" poster. It's of a memorial to John Lennon and the song. Anyways, I've always loved the word imagine; it is filled with hope and the possibily that tomorrow holds. And while I might not always believe that tomorrow will be better, I am certainly grateful for the knowledge that no matter what I think, tomorrow does come, and it holds the promise of being better than today.

So while my new title is not really any shorter, it is more me, at least for now. I kept the web address the same so you can still find me. Suggestions would be welcome.