Monday, February 8, 2010

My Life in a List

1) Snow, glorious snow. It started snowing yesterday and I think we were all pretty surprised when it started sticking, and then it started to pile up. My dad actually had to shovel the driveway. But there really isn't enough to do anything with (sledding, snowmen) so I am staying inside and singing about our glorious heating. And hot tea. And wondering why it isn't snowing more because the roads are appartently fine and my tutor is still coming. Grrrr.

2) Superbowl! My dad and I watched the whole game last night and I was pretty pumped. We usually end up rooting for different teams and last night was no exception. Although our reasons why are usually pretty random. I thought it was a really good game (onside kick in the middle of the game?!) until the end when the Colts just fell apart. I mean, even Payton Manning said that they sort of brought it upon themselves; it wasn't even the amazing Saints defense. And I'm not just saying it was disappointing because I was rooting for the Colts. It just takes the excitement out when one team loses all their energy. But on a happier note-the Saints won! I think it's pretty cool they won their first time in the Superbowl and after Katrina and everything. Now I just hope that everyone will stop saying everything the Saints do is because of Katrina.

3) Our laptop is gone for repairs and so there is one computer in the house, and I think it gets slower every time I use it. And none of the USB ports are working, so that's a bit of a problem. So, no pictures for you today.

4) I did something weird to my foot: sprained it or tweaked it or something. Now everytime it bends (in other words when I walk) I get a shooting pain up into my ankle. So I'm going around the house limping, pretending I'm not limping.

5) I'm going to get my hair cut in a couple of weeks. (Actually it's more like a month but this is important because I still don't know what I want to do with my hair.) I wanted to post pictures and get advice on what to do, but, see number 3. My hair has been pretty much the same in length for forever, and I really want to do something different. I'm thinking chin length? We'll see if I'm brave enough to actually do that.

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