Thursday, February 25, 2010


I ended up not having to go to the doctor on Monday,or having the tutor come by. I was pretty happy. Lots of time to spend in the pretty snow (even prettier because it was the reason I didn't have to go to the doctor) and lots of time to do nothing. Including watching the Olympics.

Terrie's Olympic List:

1) I love watching the Olympics and seeing everyone win and feel so good.

2) Dun, dun, dun dun dun du dah dadadadaduh....the theme song. Love it, despite its tendency to get stuck in my head for several months following the Olympics. Or really any time I hear it.

3) I love watching less than one ski race. I'm sorry, but after a while, it's just boring.

4) Same goes for skating.

5) I like watching some figure skating, but after a while I'm done. 

6) I seem to really enjoy the death-defying events. Including, but not limited to: aerials, half-pipe, snowboard and ski cross (this is only partially excluded from rule #2.)

7) I hate all the politics. I never realized how much stuff goes on behind the scenes, with judging and rivalries and all sorts of very un-sportmans-like conduct. I am trying to limit what I read, and just enjoy the sports.

8) This is very sad and a little embarressing, but thankfully it has been remedied. Until yesterday, I had never watched hockey. None. At all. I thought it was a stupid violent game with lots of guys getting into fights. Some of that is true, like the guys and the violence, but it is also really fun to watch. And I had a good team to root for. So now my Canadian cousins won't be embarressed by me. (Although they might not speak to me if the US wins.)

9) The Olympics make me feel stangely patriotic. I root for my country and am inspired and feel other things that are normally strangers to me except on July 4th. It's a nice change. And it makes me remember what a great place I live.

10) I love learning about the athletes and feeling more invested in how they do. And knowing all their names makes me feel like I know something. Especially when I can work them into conversations. Apolo Ohno Lindsey Vonn Hannah Teter Evan Lysacek Bode Miller. Ha, one breath, and it was totally natural. Beat that.

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Jessica said...

I love the olympics to and I love figure skating!!