Monday, February 1, 2010

New and Improved

So it probably looks different around here. I've been thinking for a while that "Unangsty Teen" just isn't me. And I'm not so sure how unangsty I really am. In a lot of ways I lead a very enviable life, but in other ways my life is very much full of angst. And besides, it's a long title and I bet half the people out there don't even know what angst is.

A few weeks ago I got an "Imagine" poster. It's of a memorial to John Lennon and the song. Anyways, I've always loved the word imagine; it is filled with hope and the possibily that tomorrow holds. And while I might not always believe that tomorrow will be better, I am certainly grateful for the knowledge that no matter what I think, tomorrow does come, and it holds the promise of being better than today.

So while my new title is not really any shorter, it is more me, at least for now. I kept the web address the same so you can still find me. Suggestions would be welcome.


Jessica said...

I really like the new name of your blog!!!!!

Tela said...

thanks. it feels more "me". and i finally figured out how to put a picture on it. im still trying to figure everything out...