Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

Snow days


Smokey spending time with me

Cute kids

My hair cooperating

Doing something I have to because I want to

Coloring with permanent markers

Not dropping stitches when I knit

Music that spans generational lines

Cool pillows

Winning at solitaire

Inspiring quotes

Fruit cobbler

Curling up in a tiny little ball

Cool hats

Typing fast

Giving mushy Valentine's Day cards

Giving funny birthday cards

Nice smelling lotion

Pictures of my friends on my bulletin board

Pretty flowers

Fuzzy anything

Perfectly shaved legs

Reconnecting with old friends

Making my mom cry when I give her Valentine's and Mother's Day cards

Cooking a yummy meal

Getting packages

Getting fun mail

Speaking Spanish with my dad


Doing something stupid and being able to laugh at myself

Not hitting the snooze button

Toe socks


The idea of getting snowed in

My favorite tree in our backyard

Being inspired by others

Reading a really good book

Re-reading Harry Potter

Picking ripe fruit from the garden

Doing something no one asked me to do

Surprising myself

The mailman

My necklace

Stopping the microwave at "0" seconds

Finding a song that I've loved for forever but have never been able to find

The sqeaky sound Smokey makes when I pick her up
The little things

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