Bucket List

travel to every continent
sing in public
write a book
get a tattoo
be a mother
be a wife
speak another language fluently
live in another country
be part of a flash mob
see the green flash
sew a quilt
sell my art
meet a President
learn a fictional language
learn how to sail
be a photographer
live alone
be part of a revolution
fly a plane
witness a birth
be a maid of honor
go streaking
stay up for 24 hours
eat ice cream in every country i visit
build something
learn to play the guitar
run a marathon
be a waitress
don't speak for a day
do the unexpected
fly in a hot air balloon
completely fail at something
watch a sunrise
wear cowboy boots
climb a mountain
save a life
take part in a polar bear swim
stay at an ashram in India
become ambidextrous
go to the Everest base camp
be an extra in a movie
milk a cow
learn to whistle
ride on the handle bars of a bike
work abroad
see the ball drop in Times Square live
learn how to skateboard
only use public transportation
see a circular rainbow
read all the banned books
be a first responder