Monday, December 7, 2009

A Touching Book

It has been snowing here since Saturday night, and is predicted to continue through Wednesday. Of course, this only matters, because, wait for it, I got a snow day! So being the serious slacker that I am, I did some more Spanish homework. I know, it's kinda sad, right?

Anyway, yesterday was cool, because we all went sledding. I wasn't in total abandon and screaming mode, because my head and neck and shoulders and whatnot are still quite bad from the procedure (on Tuesday!), but I still managed to have some good snowy fun.

The road right next to our house is actually a pretty decent sledding hill, as long as we go out before too many cars go over it. And as long as we don't get run over by any cars. There is the added danger of trees lining the road, and a very un-steer-able sled.

We got a few good runs in, and then I came inside while my parents shoveled and swept. Then they came inside because it was really snowing. Hard. All day. It was cool. So I sat inside and did homework and watched football and beat my parents at Wizard. (Because I am a wizard. Or witch. I'm magical.)


One of the prompts for the Best of 2009 Blogger Challenge (I am so far off the dates, so I'm just writing on whatever prompt I want to) is to write about a book that touched you. I have read, and re-read, several excellent books this year, and to my surprise, one actually came to mind when I saw this prompt. 

It was one that I picked off the library shelf because it looked interesting, and it turned out to be a really good book. It was Shift by Jennifer Bradbury. I think it was well written, had good character development, good plot, and in other words, had all the elements that make a good book, but it also fit what I was going through personally at the time.

Two best friends decide to ride their bikes cross-country after graduation, just because. Near the end of the journey, one disappears, with no warning, leaving the other friend hanging. The book switches back and forth between the friend who got left behind and where he is in the present, and the ride.

It certainly struck a cord with me, and while it didn't make what I was going through (still am, as a matter of fact) any easier, it showed the acceptance, the moving on, and the ability to remember the good times.

And now I'm welling up and getting very sentimental, so I'm going to leave it there. But it was a great book, and I would most certainly recommend it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cartoons and Articles and Things

So....for today, I am prompted to talk about a favorite article. I don't have one individual one that sticks out in my mind. I read most of my news from the headlines, which isn't very exciting, and is certainly not very good writing.

My parents read The Economist, which is a British magazine that is sort of left-leaning, but is really good at reporting the news, instead of writing an opinion column on it. But my favorite part is always the cartoon.

It usually has something to do with the main cover story, and some of them are actually really funny. And then of course, I think its funny, but I don't know why, so I end up reading half the magazine to understand the one cartoon. But it keeps me entertained.

Thinking about those cartoons made me want to go read Calvin and Hobbes, so I'm off to go dig out those books.

Any favorite articles? Or cartoons, for that matter?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eating Out

In terms of my headache, not much has changed, but I am still going around chanting "Keep an open mind, open open mind, an open mind." But that's sort of hard when the door to my head is pretty much closed from all the banging around that is going on in there.

In happier news, it is still cold, but at least we have snow. It isn't likely to effect my tutor getting here, which is sort of unfortunate, because it would have been nice to have another day off.

Today the prompt is "Best Restaurant Moment". I was surprised that I could come up with one, because we so rarely go out.  There is a Vietnamese place about 10 minutes from our house that is very good, and has lots of vegetarian options. We ate there several times over the summer when our floors were being re-done.

What makes that particular time stand out is that we met a really nice waitress who works there most of the time (it's a really small place). Every time we come in she greets us with a big smile, and we always laugh, because she remembers our names perfectly, but we cannot, for the life of us, pronounce her name correctly.

I love getting to know people,and where they are from. She works in a Vietnamese restaurant, speaks with a flawless American accent, and was born in Taiwan. She gives great food recommendations and sometimes sneaks us an extra chocolate with the bill.

I remember laughing a lot, and feeling very cozy, and I think we ran into some neighbors. I love little hole-in-the-wall places that only locals seem to know about.

Do you have a favorite restaurant, or a specific memory from when you ate out?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Blah Day with Good Memories

Today is a very cold, sort of nasty day in that it is below freezing and very windy, but snow-less. I have been reading other blogs all morning and am now very jealous of all the pretty snow. It makes the cold a little more bearable because it is just so fun and pretty to look at.

Yesterday I had a procedure done that is supposed to help with my headaches. I got about 40 shots in my head, neck, and shoulders that will block the nerves and get the muscles to relax, which should in turn help with my headache. So far I am not impressed, but the doctor said it could take up to a week for it to take effect, so I am trying to remain open-minded.


This year I thought it might be fun to participate in The Best of 2009 Blogger Challenge. So today I get to discuss my best vacation from this year. Now, I didn't actually take any vacations, unless you count driving to doctors, so I am going to sort of cheat and do one that my dad took.

He taught a college course in Argentina in October/November. He took students down, and they learned all about the ecology and biology of the area for about a month. He was very missed back here, but he had a wonderful time, and came back very tan and full of life.

He has taught this course in previous years, and my mom and I went for a few weeks one of the earlier times. It was great; we got to see spectacular views:

swim in ridiculously cold glacier water:

and see penguins in a desert:

My dad was pretty happy too, what with all the new, interesting plants. (He's a plant guy.)

So this year, I guess I lived vicariously through others.

What about you? What was your favorite trip this year, or any year?