Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eating Out

In terms of my headache, not much has changed, but I am still going around chanting "Keep an open mind, open open mind, an open mind." But that's sort of hard when the door to my head is pretty much closed from all the banging around that is going on in there.

In happier news, it is still cold, but at least we have snow. It isn't likely to effect my tutor getting here, which is sort of unfortunate, because it would have been nice to have another day off.

Today the prompt is "Best Restaurant Moment". I was surprised that I could come up with one, because we so rarely go out.  There is a Vietnamese place about 10 minutes from our house that is very good, and has lots of vegetarian options. We ate there several times over the summer when our floors were being re-done.

What makes that particular time stand out is that we met a really nice waitress who works there most of the time (it's a really small place). Every time we come in she greets us with a big smile, and we always laugh, because she remembers our names perfectly, but we cannot, for the life of us, pronounce her name correctly.

I love getting to know people,and where they are from. She works in a Vietnamese restaurant, speaks with a flawless American accent, and was born in Taiwan. She gives great food recommendations and sometimes sneaks us an extra chocolate with the bill.

I remember laughing a lot, and feeling very cozy, and I think we ran into some neighbors. I love little hole-in-the-wall places that only locals seem to know about.

Do you have a favorite restaurant, or a specific memory from when you ate out?

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