Monday, December 7, 2009

A Touching Book

It has been snowing here since Saturday night, and is predicted to continue through Wednesday. Of course, this only matters, because, wait for it, I got a snow day! So being the serious slacker that I am, I did some more Spanish homework. I know, it's kinda sad, right?

Anyway, yesterday was cool, because we all went sledding. I wasn't in total abandon and screaming mode, because my head and neck and shoulders and whatnot are still quite bad from the procedure (on Tuesday!), but I still managed to have some good snowy fun.

The road right next to our house is actually a pretty decent sledding hill, as long as we go out before too many cars go over it. And as long as we don't get run over by any cars. There is the added danger of trees lining the road, and a very un-steer-able sled.

We got a few good runs in, and then I came inside while my parents shoveled and swept. Then they came inside because it was really snowing. Hard. All day. It was cool. So I sat inside and did homework and watched football and beat my parents at Wizard. (Because I am a wizard. Or witch. I'm magical.)


One of the prompts for the Best of 2009 Blogger Challenge (I am so far off the dates, so I'm just writing on whatever prompt I want to) is to write about a book that touched you. I have read, and re-read, several excellent books this year, and to my surprise, one actually came to mind when I saw this prompt. 

It was one that I picked off the library shelf because it looked interesting, and it turned out to be a really good book. It was Shift by Jennifer Bradbury. I think it was well written, had good character development, good plot, and in other words, had all the elements that make a good book, but it also fit what I was going through personally at the time.

Two best friends decide to ride their bikes cross-country after graduation, just because. Near the end of the journey, one disappears, with no warning, leaving the other friend hanging. The book switches back and forth between the friend who got left behind and where he is in the present, and the ride.

It certainly struck a cord with me, and while it didn't make what I was going through (still am, as a matter of fact) any easier, it showed the acceptance, the moving on, and the ability to remember the good times.

And now I'm welling up and getting very sentimental, so I'm going to leave it there. But it was a great book, and I would most certainly recommend it.

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Jessica said...

That sounds like a goood book. I will have to check it out. How much snow did you guys get? we got like idk 3 or 4 inches this week and then on wednesday and Thursday it didnt get above 20 degrees so its been pretty cold here lately. and the sledding sounds REALLY fun. we dont really have a sledding hill near to us, so I dont go sledding very often and plus I really dont have time because I usually have to much homework or am to busy with things on the weekends. Im glad you were able to get out and have some fun though. thats awesome!!