Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Winners: Inspiration

This week saw some improvement, which has allowed to get outside more with my camera. I haven't missed my photography class, except that it forced me to get outside and take pictures. I'm having trouble finding inspiration to keep me going in any consistent way.

Rain drenched

 Happy and relaxed

These look like the perfect branches for reading a book, or eating a popsicle

Basking in the light

From the porch

Simply pink


Big blue

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

A dry creek bed encircles our property on two sides. It rarely runs, and it usually isn't very much. Yesterday was an exception; it rained from about 2 pm on. Taken from the safety of the house:

Once the thunder and lightning receded into the distance, I ventured outside with my camera safely hidden in a pocket, beneath an umbrella.

We even had small rapids in our backyard!

As for the title, I was sure I could come up with some larger, life-related metaphors for "when it rains, it pours", but I'm drawing a blank. I'm sure they're out there. I just don't think it counts to say my memory has gone from bad to worse. (Or maybe it's just my imagination.)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Pictures Say It All

In my last photography class, we went into a class of young kids painting. They were really amazing subjects-I feel like I got some good expressions and they were so willing to be photographed. They stayed so still and concentrated on their art!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly Winners: Do I Want This Solution?

One way I've discovered this past week to not take as many photos is to get sick! I have not been inspired this week to take my camera out hardly at all. I feel like all my creative juices have abandoned me. Fear not, the camera sits on my shelf and stares at me with sad lonely eyes. It will not be forgotten. (Nor will you.)

Waiting for it's turn to be the tree

The moon is that tiny little speck up here. You want closer?

(sort of) up close and personal with Mr. Moon

Building a box

Tall, purple, and sunlit


on an art project

Old-fashioned take-out

Heading out, together

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wildlife in Amongst Life

Three doctor's appointments, two rounds of antibiotics, and several months later, my toenail is coming off. An appointment is set for Monday, at a time when I would usually be asleep. I am alternately interested and intrigued and grossed out.

My dad and I are starting chemistry labs this week. They are "left-overs" from the school year. I don't think I'll be blowing anything up, but you might want to keep your distance, just in case.

My art and photography classes both end this week. Yesterday was my last photography class, and Thursday is the end of drawing trees.I feel like I learned a fair amount in my photography class, but it will be good to have them both be over, just because it will open my schedule up quite a bit.

My schedule does need to be opened up, because even the small activities I've been doing seem like too much. My energy has been lower, the headaches persist, and I've just all around been feeling worse. It doesn't help that I have had really bad luck finding good movies. I want comedies, and hopefully something that rates above two stars. Netflix is not very helpful-it seems to think I love depressing dramas.

Our yard has been a hot-spot for wildlife. I have seen a bear (I think it's the same one) twice in the past week. It really has been quite contrary when I pull out my camera. Hiding behind bushes and moving faster than my camera and eyes can. Despite this, I want to post some pictures, just because it's cool. We had a bear in our yard!

There has also been a doe and her two fawns hanging around. The first few times I was too slow getting the camera, and so by the time I was all set up, they were too far away. And then the light was weird (still was, in these pictures), and the shutter speed was way too slow. But then they stuck around for a while, and let me get close and have everything all set up. I don't think these pictures do their cuteness justice, but they'll just have to suffice.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Winners: Too Many Pictures

It's official-I take too many pictures. I took the camera out twice this week, yet still ended up with a bunch of pictures. Most of them weren't that great, so it just took more time to deal with them all. I know have this problem, and I've really been trying to cut down on the quantity, but I just have a desire to take a picture (snap shot, really) of everything I see. Something to work on. Maybe if I limit myself to a certain number of pictures?

Leave layers

Shadow path

A new angle on steps

Red sky at night, sailor's delight


Fuzzy seeds

First tomato of the season

Lit up by the sun

Bent, but not broken

Simple purple and white

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stretching and Snapping

I wrote this last night, but am just getting around to posting it now.

Today has stretched into an immeasurable span. I have vague recollections of a morning. A morning where I surprised myself by getting up with my alarm's first chime. It consisted of breakfast, a shower, and mediocre books. It had all the makings of a lazy summer day. My body protested at loud noises, the ideas of jumping jacks, and gripping anything too tightly. My brain was not surprised by my body's protestations.

My brain and my body agreed that going to photography class wasn't what either wanted to do. Some other piece of me convinced the rebellious parts to stick it out. I even went so far as to demand that my whole being would have a good time.

This demand was not met; the best I can say is the teacher let us go half an hour early. I spent the time before the arrival of my ride sitting in the grass and drinking a soda. My stomach reminded me why I don't drink carbonated sugar.

My head leaned up against the car's window, my eyes shirking their duty of watching the road for bumps. Perhaps I can blame my delinquent eyes for the drilling in my temple and my throbbing shoulder.

The first order of business upon arriving home was banishing my nice clothes to my bedroom floor in favor of my trusty pajamas. I collected the items I deemed necessary for a sedentary afternoon on the couch and planted my butt firmly in the dent that has formed in the cushions due to many previous days passed in a similar manner.

The time gained a sense of elasticity-bending my memory into blurry images, and snapping back to form crystal-clear pictures of pain.

My bed's welcoming embrace holds me tight, now. It is a place I come to reflect, to be safe, and to put each day behind me.

My hope for the day to come is that time regains its regular, steady march. That my sharpest memories from the day are not ones of pain. And that, when I sit on the brink of blissful unconsciousness, I am not so eager to say farewell to the past twenty-four hours.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekly Winners: Where are all my flowers?

I didn't have my camera out as much this week, but still managed to get lots of shots. More than I can deal with. I need to focus less on taking every single shot I see, and more on getting quality shots. I think it would improve my shots if I put more effort into them, and it would also make my life a lot easier in terms of organizing. It was also a week with very few flower (shots). Maybe I'm branching out...

My first "action" shots. I like this one better.

Our yard is a popular place

Me. In a window.

Porcupine imitation

Tall and shiny

Looking up

 Soft green grass and a wide open sky: Life's little wonders

 Well, you didn't think I wouldn't include any flowers?