Saturday, December 15, 2012

this crazy world

The truth of our world is that there is a lot of bad. There are unexplainable, bad, sad, evil, awful things that happen.

I feel like they've been piling up a little bit lately.

It is so incredibly to let them bury me.

To get caught up in the news of the bad.

All the negative reporting, the focus on the tragedies.

The deaths that happen around me. Some expected, some not.

Both ways, they still leave an impact.

For me, it's a matter of balancing the bad with the good.

It's a matter of living with my eyes open and allowing myself to feel pain and sadness. It's also a matter of finding the good. The in spite ofs.

The fact that in spite of all this, this awfulness, there is good.

There is joy.

There is love. 


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's hard to find the good in the midst of all the bad but I think it comes through in healing hugs, gentle smiles, chirping birds, a helping hand, a shared tear, the sunshine breaking through the clouds - the little things, the things that have sustained us over time. The essence of life which is in and around every single one of us. Let it shine on through, beautiful, pass it on.

Unknown said...

You're right (as usual)

People who have the gift of empathy (as healers do) have to work to find the good because the bad can bury us and cripple us emotionally.

But it's not easy and it can feel like a betrayal to those who have been personally touched by that evil. I struggle with keeping myself out of the pits of depression and honoring the memories of those lost and the lives of those who live as survivors.

Nina said...

You seem to be an example of good, so I believe you.