Friday, November 19, 2010

The Cold and the Christmas Carols

I wish there was a way to capture the smell of woodsmoke. It is the one thing that really makes it feel like winter to me. I can picture people curled up safely in their houses, reading a good book, with something warm simmering on the stove.

It only works its magic when I'm outside in the cold. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I need to get better at taking gloves outside with me. I haven't quite gotten it in my head that it's cold. Despite the woodsmoke smells. Normally it isn't a big deal, but when I'm outside with my camera, my hands get cold very rapidly.

I am too eager to be taking pictures than to worry about the temperature of my hands. By the time I notice that my fingers are having trouble with the tiny little camera buttons, I'm too involved to care.

It is starting to feel like winter to me. And I like that. In general, I like winter. There is something so different about having to get bundled up before you dare poke your nose outside. Then being able to come in and drink hot chocolate with just the right amount of marshmallows.

I don't like Christmas being shoved down my throat at every turn. It's on the radio, (one station has started playing nothing but Christmas music), it's at the stores, it's in the catalogs. I love Christmas. I love having no school for two whole weeks, not having any agendas, decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, getting gifts, all that stuff.

I don't associate retail shopping or money with Christmas. Or really any holiday for that matter. I feel like it takes away the spirit. The spirit of caring and thought that can be put into a gift. I miss Thanksgiving being given it's own special time. It's as though it is completely worthless to stores because they can't make money off it. No decorations or toys your child must have. 

I don't really know....I'm trying to ignore it. To breathe in the woodsmoke and laugh at myself as I forget my gloves yet again. To enjoy seeing Smokey curl up on top of the heater. To revel in wearing hats and scarves. I'll focus on that.

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Carmen @ Life Lines Positive Thoughts said...

I enjoy your postings.

Even though the older I get the less I like winter, I do love the smell of wood smoke lingering in the brisk air on a snowy mountain day. You forget your gloves...I forget boots. My feet feel cramped inside shoes and I have yet to replace the sandals by the door with winter shoes/boots. That is, until I have to go back inside and tuck them into proper winter footwear.

I agree about the Christmas thing. I love the special festive feeling of Christmas and the spirit of giving that I grew up with. I love the family gatherings, delicious homemade food, and the meaning of Thanksgiving. Like you, I hate that commercialism and greed has consumed the love and magic of these holidays.

By the way...I'm in my fifties and I'm still "figuring it all out." :)