Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Isn't it annoying when inappropriate things pop into your head? Not inappropriate in general, just bad timing. Like when your tutor is explaining inclined planes and it occurs to you that fried chicken is fricken.

Another one of my fish died. It somehow managed to squeeze itself through a tiny little hole into the air pump and got trapped. The weird thing is, every time I replace the filter, I check and double check that no fish are caught because I'm so paranoid I might kill one that way. I don't know if it's good knowing it wasn't my fault, or bad knowing that they can swim in there anytime and die.

I've come to the conclusion that I like the idea of short hair, but not so much the reality. I just think I look better with longer hair. I do enjoy having less hair to deal with, although it is very obvious when I haven't taken a shower for a few days. (ahem)

I really wish there was a way to delete music directly off my iPod.

It creeps me out when deer stare at me while I'm getting dressed.

I packaged up my first Christmas gift yesterday. It was weird pulling out all the green and red paper.

I am so excited, for Harry Potter. We're going on Sunday, two days after it opens. Very excited.


Anonymous said...

I totally wish the ipod offered a delete option as well. Sometimes I really hate itunes.

Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

This is a great bit of random!

I'm with you about the iPod delete business. And, I can't wait to see Harry Potter, either.

Keely said...

Maybe your fish was unhappy and making a break for it, like in Finding Nemo? :(

I'm going to need some back story on why deer are watching you get dressed.

Tela said...

my room is on the ground floor (sort of half above, half below ground) and we have lots of deer around. thus, shades up, me getting dressed, creatures with very large ears staring at me.

Sarah said...

I am crazy excited. I have to find a sitter so I can go!

paige said...

I wish I could delete things off my iPod, too. Especially when I'm running and I'm listening to a song I really LOVE then realize at that exact moment that actually I HATE it.

R. Molder said...

I can't figure out how I got such crappy songs on my iPod. Did I like them at one time and now hate them? Or did my husband put a bunch of crappy songs on my iTunes just to torture me? Then I gave away the computer that hosted all my songs so I'm not stuck with the same mixes on my 2006 iPod that is now completely outdated. Maybe someday I'll find the time to upload all my CD's to my new computer's iTunes. Sigh!

And yes it's weird that you live in America and haven't been to Cracker Barrel. Then again it's also a strange birthday wish but I have two kids who behave badly in restaurants in the evening so I opted for breakfast. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Alex and Ben said...

haha! love it. you clearly have a grasp on life's quirkiness, which I can totally relate to.