Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I Did While I Was Gone

I learned my ipod battery doesn't really last six days.
I inverted an umbrella for the first time.
I hung off the side of a cable car.
I scared a seagull.
I walked until my joints ached.
I returned to the crepe place.
I didn't return to the doctor's office.
I discovered a picnic table that I want to come back to and eat a picnic at.
I took pictures.
I got glared at, but mostly saw smiles.
I stood out as a tourist, despite my best efforts.
I bought one scarf.
I got wet feet.
I spent a lot of time in airports.
I got home at 3 am.
I don't think I lost anything.
I still wrote everyday.
I took pictures everyday, more or less.
I missed my cat.
I walked through Chinatown and really stood out as a tourist.
I saw beggers.
I wore eleven pairs of socks.
I stayed a little organized.
I brought back more than I went with.

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