Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Winners: Camera Issues

My camera has decided that when it is tired, it should feel free to shut down without notifying me. This started five days ago, without any warning. It will just completely shut down in the middle of whatever I am doing (taking pictures or in the review mode), the screen goes blank, it won't focus, or take pictures. The trouble-shooting guide from Canon was not helpful-I tried taking out the battery and card, recharging, letting it sit, bribing it with candy....I was able to get all my pictures off, with some coaxing, but I'm not sure what to try next. Ideas? (It's a Canon Rebel EOS XS.)

 Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift-off

Mmmm....airport food

Drying out

So, so green

Still closed

Fences are everywhere

A natural fan

Strangely misshapen

Reaching to the sky

Tiny and hiding


Delicately curled

My travel companions

Through the clouds

Trying to green-up our lawn


Donna said...

I am glad you were able to get your photos off the card. These are lovely and I especially love the tiny and hiding. I have a canon rebel that did somewhat of the same thing. I tried everything you did and still could not get it to work. I ended up buying my 40D and then, the rebel starting working again. My son uses it. Strange but it does work now.

Unknown said...

I have no ideas on the camera, though now I'm scared since I have the same camera :O

GORGEOUS shots!!

Denise @ Musician's Widow said...

WOW! These are GORGEOUS!

And kudos to you, finding a cool plane photo other than the wing shot. I've been trying to see a cool shot every time I fly and I missed that idea. VERY NICE!!!!

Lucy @ I'm Lucy said...

Love the reaching for the sky picture, it's awesome!

I'm sorry about your camera, is there a camera shop in your town? It might be worth taking it in...

Unknown said...

i love the fence shot and all the little peeks of green. where are you off to, did i miss that part? i haunt the flickr community pages for info on my camera (but i'm a nikon girl these days, so not much help...).

Patricia said...

After reading news of US secret CIA forces on the ground in Libia, and Wisconsin political parties acting like middle school cliques, it is refreshing to open your blog to remember the beauty in life. Keep on inspiring with your art!

Unknown said...

What beautiful pictures of your week. I absolutely LOVE them : ) LOve, Love, LOVE! : )

My rebel did that too. I had burned out the engine. Whoops. Cameras do have a limit. At least that is what the canon repair shot told me. I had completely fried my sweet camera : ) WHOOPS! Take it to a shop and see if it is ok still!