Thursday, August 25, 2011


My days are long.

They are filled with life.

All the little things that entails.

And one of the bigger things, too, every once in a while.

Three classes a day.

So far, it's working.

The other two....are in progress.

And I am working on not freaking out. Getting overwhelmed by the details. The bureaucracy. The list of pros and cons that each option carries with it.

I'm sitting here, and I see that Hope has fallen down. I smile. Not to worry, I get some new tape and stick it back up. My fingers pause on the green painted wood.

I breathe.

It will be alright.

I believe that's true.

Sometimes I just have to work harder than others to remember that.


Unknown said...


Jessica said...

Thanks so much for this today. I needed this. it will be okay :)

michelle said...

Have you had a tilt-table test?

It WILL be alright.