Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heavy and Light

Life is heavy and light.

Filled with smiles and laughter. Pain and suffering.

Life is both.

The dark times can drag you down. Cover the laughter, the good memories, with dark paint. Paint that completely obliterates them, so you wonder if they were all just a dream. Paint that destroys your hope.

Then, when the light starts to seep back in, you wonder if it's real. It's been so long, and the heaviness is so oppressive.

The heaviness hates the light. It fights with everything it has to hold on to you. To keep you and your soul shuttered away from the rest of the world. From the light.

But I have a secret for you--the heaviness is no match for you. You are filled with a strength that can beat anything. 

Finally, suddenly, surprisingly, the light breaks through. Or maybe, more accurately, you break into the light.

Because it so rarely appears with a fight.

And it's the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

The light, and the different ways in which it allows you to see the world.

The warmth that envelops your body after the long, wearing fight against the heaviness.

And when the darkness comes slinking back, enticing you with its fancy words and whispers about the light that can't last, fight. Fight with every cell in your body. Your beautiful, amazing body and soul that deserve nothing less than the most dazzling light.

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Teenage Blogger Central Admin said...

Beautiful post.
So empowering, and it would pull anyone out of a bad spell :)