Friday, February 3, 2012

Miss Unlimited

When I get a comment from someone I don't know, or someone who is listed as 'Anonymous', I'm immediately wary. I have been getting a whole lot of junk comments, ones advertising free designer handbags and other equally fishy sounding deals.

(This is a sign that I'm getting more traffic in general, right?)

So, when I got an email talking about Miss Unlimited, I wanted to check everything out before I got all excited about being asked to guest post.

Lucky for me, they passed my tests. Miss Unlimited is an off-shoot of Aiming Low that is geared towards young women, encouraging them to see the beauty in the unique. Which fits quite well with my idea that normal's overrated.

But the thing that really sold me on being a teen columnist was the response I got when I asked, "What am I supposed to write about?" And what they said was that I just had to be myself. That I didn't have to change myself or my writing style for their blog. Because, after all, the goal of Miss Unlimited is to show that despite our differences, no one is alone. We are all in this together.

And that is a theme I can really get behind. I am still figuring out which part of my writing will become part of the Miss Unlimited collection. But you can be sure that whatever it is, it will be totally and completely me.


There is a little button in my sidebar that will take you directly to Miss Unlimited.

You can also find more information about where I am currently writing, and where I have written in the past, under the new tab Find Me.


JW Moxie said...

I'm so honored that you agreed to be a part of the team, Tela.

I get tons of spam mail/offers, too, so I knew that when I approached you, I had to prove that I truly respected your unique voice and you as an individual.

We're lucky to have you as a writer!

Stephanie said...

Hey! I tagged you on Pandora :)


Unknown said...

congrats tela!