Friday, January 11, 2013

on stories

What if I tried to write a story? 

Like an actual story: one with a beginning, middle, and end. 

This isn’t like me saying I wish I could sing. Or imagining a beautiful picture in my head and not being able to draw it. This is something I could actually do.

I think. 

I really believe that in me I have many stories to tell. Some of them small, some of them big. Maybe some of them are even important. 

But it’s up to me to find them. To work for them.

To take the words and images that float around in my head and put them on paper. 

Most of them come and go, without leaving a trace. I should write them down: I tell myself this all the time.

But the ones I really care about are the ones that stick around. They're the ones that mean something to me. And for that reason I think they could mean something to someone else.



After all, I have had my dedication written for years; isn't it about time I wrote a story to go along with it?


Jessica said...

I would love to read a story if you wrote one!!

Aqsa said...

I would love to read it. I love stories. We all have those stories that stick around but transforming it on paper can be tough.
Go on. Write. :)