Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crash! Boom Bang

Yesterday, there was a message from my dad (who had already left for work) telling me to make sure everything on the computer was backed up. I promptly freaked out, because, like a good child of the electronic age, almost everything of mine is on the computer. And only about half is backed up. I spent a good portion of the morning grinding my teeth and yelling at the computer.

I was able to recover everything except some of my music, that I hadn't already transferred to my ipod. I guess it was probably a good thing I had to go through all my files, because now I am mostly organized, and I have sworn to myself I will be better at backing things up in the future. (You know I'm going to break that promise.)

I am writing this from our other computer, which is painfully slow. Something to do with an older hard drive that is very full. It also doesn't have the ability to do pictures, so until the other one is up and running, there will be a lot of Google images.

You might have noticed, I made a few changes to my blog. You can now feed my fishies by clicking anywhere in the water. Hopefully they will stay alive longer than my real ones tend to. (Who are not looking so good today.) I also put up a banner in support of Iranians getting their votes counted and their voices heard. It is a very worthy cause, but the president was sworn in for a second term a few weeks ago, so I don't know that anything will change. At least for another four years.

I am going to have a tutor for at least the rest of the semester, since my doctor doesn't want me in school around all my germ-y classmates. I talked with my tutor today, who sounds really nice and  a little hyper. It looks like she will start later this week. I have been doing my best to stay up in two of my classes, but communication with teachers has been hard. My parents have taught me for the past year or so; it will be sort of strange to have someone else. But hopefully good because it will all be one-on-one time.

My hobbit hole painting is going really quickly. I am working on the flag wall, and after that, I'll be pretty much done. I had some serious issues with the Canadian flag. Who knew a maple leaf could be so hard? My straight lines are getting straighter, and some are actually recognizable as flags! (My mom wanted me to add that she convinced me to start painting, not the other way around, like I previously mistakenly stated.)

My mom's birthday is less than a month away, so I am making plans for that. Our two birthdays are only five days apart (I was due on her birthday), so we will celebrate hers the week after. Maybe go out to a new restaurant with some live entertainment?

Any ideas? What do you like to do for your birthday?


Jessica said...

Hey. that stinks about your computer but im glad that you are still able to connect with us Via your other computer. thats really to bad that you will be out for the semester. I hope that everything with your tutor goes well. I will be praying that everything will go smoothly with your tutor. Lastly, maybe for your birthday you could invite a few friends over and hang out and watch movies or go to a movie that is coming out that you want to see. I will think of ideas for your mom's birthday and get back to you.

Jessica said...

and also hope your fish are able to stay alive for a little longer. how many fish do u have again?

Patricia said...

so why the crash?
Maybe you will just need to become a mac woman. i finally made the move with my last purchase and I LOVE it!!
Aunt Patti

Tela said...

thanks for the birthday ideas. i'm still gathering information....i have three fish currently, they have lived longer than my last ones (more than a few weeks).