Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures of Paint

The past few days have been pretty uneventful. I started a new medicine that's supposed to help with headaches. So far, I'm not impressed. It dissolves on my tongue, and tastes awful. It's peppermint flavored, so I won't be able to go near anything minty for a while. I still hate all cherry flavored things from when I was a kid and I had to take cold meds, before I was old enough to swallow pills. Do you have any flavors like that? Some people have a strong aversion to grape, or orange. I think it just depends what kind was easiest for our parents to force-feed us.

We have a big exercise ball that my doctor told me to sit on, because it improves posture. (Which has to do with my tongue being in the right place, which is really complicated. Take my word for it: you don't want to know all the details.) I have found it is quite challenging to do anything while staying on the thing. And the landing on hard-wood floor is just that: hard. I am determined to continue trying, but maybe not with anything valuable on my lap. Like this computer, for example.

Last night I slept in the hobbit hole for the first time in over a year. It is very cozy, and confined, which I like. My cat isn't a big fan; she must be claustrophobic. I love it! It feels great to have accomplished something and have such a tangible final project. Here are some pictures (Sorry about all the weird angles; it is a very small space!):
The view from the door

The floor (Most of this is covered up, but I knew that would happen, and I think that's why I was able to be so free with it, and not worry what it would look like.)




(Inspirational) words

Palm trees



And the door (I sleep facing this way, so this is what I see when I'm in bed.)

I really loved painting it, and I am sure I will love being able to spend time in there.

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Jessica said...

thats soooooo awesome!!!!!! it looks amazing and i would TOTALLY LOVE to live in there!!