Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rain, Really?

It has been raining here like crazy, which is really strange. Good though; all the plants are loving it, and it is surprisingly green for this time of year. Some things are turning, which is sad, but there's something so peaceful about it. Maybe I just like that it's so predictable. Anyway, it makes for lots of pretty colors.

On Monday coming back from the doctor (who is conveniently located across town) it was pouring, and for a while you could barely see the lines on the road. But we got home just fine, and only saw one accident.

My doctor has recommended that I not go to school for a while, at least until flu season is over. Apparently everyone has been unusually sick this year, not to mention the swine flu.

Down in my room there is a little storage space we call the hobbit hole (that's a Tolkien reference, for all of you non-Lord of the Rings people out there). Last summer I convinced my parents to let me paint it. It is still a work in progress, but I think I'm ready to wrap it up soon. Even before I painted, it was a really cozy space where I could sleep and read. I'm missing being able to do that, so I hope to be done (ish) by my birthday (Oct 15). I will definitely post some pictures once I'm done.

My parents think I won't be able to sleep with all the crazy colors and different things, but I think it'll be great. I'm normally not an artsy person, but this has been really fun and relaxing for me. It's a lot of abstract shapes, with some flags (which are very square) and very simple fish (made with ovals and triangles).

I hope the weather treats you well.

Do you like to paint? Is there somewhere special you go to relax?


Jessica said...

I go to my room to relax. how are u feeling?? and i fixed my blog so anyone can comment!! thanks!!

Tela said...

cool, i will check it out. i have some more energy, so it seems like i might be getting over this latest cold