Friday, October 2, 2009

The Beginning of Fall

I am still in shock that is it already October. It has all flown by so fast! I have that feeling where so much has happened, but at the same time, nothing has happened. Every get that? It's weird, and really messes with my sense of time.

It froze for the first time last night. I don't know if that is unusual, but it feels really early. Yesterday I picked all the strawberries and raspberries that were out there, and a few tomatoes. I think my mom and I are going to make a green tomato salsa with all the tinny ones that are left. If we leave them to freeze again, they'll just get weird and mushy.

I also picked most of the flowers that were still blooming on our property. Most of them had really short stems, so I was stuck making these teeny-tinny arrangements. I think they turned out quite well, despite the fact that most of them look like the belong in a much smaller house, with much smaller people.

They remind me much more of spring than fall, except for all the yellow leaves that were around them! I love watching all the transitions, and the promise of a new season with new weather. I could never live (just watch, twenty years from now, I'll be choking on these words) somewhere with just two seasons.

While my mom and I have been making dinner together (and adding way too much garlic to the salsa), I asked her about TV shows she watched. The only one she and my dad ever followed was Star Trek. I now have a good understanding of most of the characters and the basic plot. It sounds really fun, and now we both want to snuggle up and watch some Star Trek.

I wish you a good dinner and a relaxing weekend, as I look forward to adding Star Trek to my Netflix list.


Jessica said...

those flower are really pretty :) wow!! I dont understand star trek lol. oh and it hasnt frozen here yet so yea i think you guys did freez early this year. Have a great weekend!!

Tela said...

i think Star Trek is either hate or love. we'll see where i am