Saturday, October 10, 2009


This isn't the first snow, but in my book, it counts as the first snow. It is sticking, and according to my mom, the roads are icy, so to me, that means snow. And winter. Which is weird, because it is mid-October.

Okay, so this is seriously wishful thinking.....but two ski areas have opened in the state!

For some odd reason I decided today would be the day I would go outside and walk around. After not going outside for three days. Maybe I have cabin-fever. I wore long underwear, a winter jacket, gloves, a scarf, everything, and I was still cold. I even had a red clown nose to show for it. But I feel a little better; less cabin-fever-ish.

Following up from yesterday post: My neck is still stiff and I feel a little off and shaky, but overall, much better. Which is very good. I hope I didn't freak anybody out with my last post. But let me just re-iterate this: I am fine. I only went to the ER to be safe, and everything they did was to make me comfortable; I was never in serious danger.

I can now say that all the medical shows are for the most part highly inaccurate. There is not that much rushing around and yelling and screaming. Although there was someone whose house had burned down, everyone seemed pretty calm.

I think we are going to start a fire (in our wood stove, I realized that sounded a little odd) later, because it is so cold. Everyone is freaking out about the cold weather only because it is the first day of true coldness. Smokey, our cat, is not happy. She is sort of stalking around the house glaring, and curled up in tiny balls on the heaters.

Over the summer we replaced our carpet with hardwood floors, so she doesn't like not being able to curl up on the warm carpet.

Any plans for the weekend? What is your weather like?
I hope you have a warm, healthy weekend.


Jessica said...

Hey. sorry to hear about your hospital visit. glad you are doing better and glad it wasnt anything serious. Its freeezing here. I think it frosted last night. I'm just doing hw this weekend. arrggg. so much to do. but at least I have off on Monday :)

Tela said...

well, don't forget to relax! ans stay inside and be warm!