Friday, October 9, 2009

A Full Week

 I wrote this yesterday at around 2 pm.

It has been a surprisingly busy week. Well, at least it feels that way. I typed that, and then I had to stop and think and make sure it really has been busy. I'm still not sure, but that should tell you how (not) fast my brain is working which I think answers the question.

Last night for about three hours we were considering homeschooling me. Because my dad talked to a lady at the school who said basically what we were doing was illegal because my parents aren't certified teachers. So we could either do that and hope we didn't get caught or do homeschool. I was strangely excited; my dad, I don't know, and my mom kind of flipped out. To be fair to her I should say she had just gotten home from a long day and had to call lots of insurance companies and then I told her she had to be my teacher so....not the smartest move on my part....

For about two seconds I got really excited and had everything planned out: I would be homeschooled this year, and then next year I turn 16, which means I can legally drop out of school without having to take state mandated exams, and then I would get my GED. Then my mom pointed out that colleges sort of look down on that. Talk about bursting my bubble. But she's right.

But I think we might have something worked out with the tutor. So that's good. Have no fear, I won't give you more unnecessary details.

Something must be wrong with my Netflix qeue because it keeps spitting Star Trek at me. (Not really spitting, just sending them to me the normal way, in the mail. And not that there is anything wrong with Star Trek. I think I am really going to like it. But I am reserving judgment for a few more episodes.) Can you tell I'm a little hyper, or bored, or something? My fingers are really burned, but that doesn't seem to be slowing me down.

My parents like to joke (and yes, they really are joking) that I'm a pyromaniac. I love staring at candles. And playing with the warm wax. And well, sometimes the warm wax turns out to be hot wax. So my fingers aren't too happy with me.

And now an update from today:

It turned out I was so hyper because my head really hurt. So I tried this new medicine. And then I had an "unusual adverse reaction". Again, I will spare you the details. My mom and I were in the ER for about four hours this morning, but I am okay. I will never, ever, ever, be going near that medicine again. 

Here's my hospital bracelet:
Okay, so that's not my bracelet, or hand for that matter. But our picture downloading software died again, so that's all you're going to get.

The tutor just left, and she talked a lot, and I stared at her a lot. But it was good. So I am going to stop and go watch Friends.

Here's hoping you have a much less eventful weekend! Enjoy.

I will tell you more about the hospital visit if you want to know, but I didn't want to dump it on everyone, and I didn't really know what to say, so that was my easy way of sidestepping that issue.

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