Friday, April 30, 2010

A Friday Night Update

1) I finished a painting that I have been working on for several weeks. I am pleased with how it turned out; it is so different than anything I ever imagined myself doing. I am going to start a similar painting in a few weeks (my teacher is going to be out of town for a few weeks) and I think I want to try something that has more continuity. This was pretty random, and I was just enjoying experimenting with the technique. This meant I was doing a lot of what I wanted to do and not thinking about how it would look as much. Fun, but maybe art does require a little thought.

2) I love how messy my hands are after art. I don’t really make an effort to be clean and neat, because that takes half the fun out of it, but it always amazes me how much of my painting ends up on me. Case in point:

3) I bought a new orchid today. I am slowly but surely becoming obsessed. But can you really blame me?

4) I am writing this post in Word because Blogger is being dumb and stupid and I am not in the mood to wrestle with the computer. I don’t know why this issue with formatting has suddenly come up, but here it seems like it is here to stay. It only happens when I add a picture, and then the alignment gets messed up. I just think it looks weird, even though it doesn’t really matter. Also, there isn’t a spellcheck in the regular “compose” section, just the html. It is sad how dependent on spellcheck I am.

5) A few weeks ago I was accepted into my high school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. It basically means I have a high GPA and am active in the community (see 6). The “Induction Ceremony” was on Tuesday night. I probably should have guessed or known or something (seeing as everyone else did. Maybe they were told. Or maybe everyone but me is psychic.) based on how fancy the name sounds (it’s a ceremony), that it was a dressy event. Seeing as I’m not psychic nor did I receive a memo, I showed up in jeans and paint splattered shoes. Everyone else was wearing ties and dresses. There was one other person in jeans. (At least I was wearing a semi-dressy top, because I thought for sure it wasn’t a dressy event, but just in case, I wouldn’t stick out quite as badly with a dressy top.) I think it would be even more awkward to be in a dress and heels at a casual event than what I did, but I haven’t been in that situation, at least, so I can’t say for sure. I lived through it, because I told myself I didn’t care. I have to say, I cared a little bit, but there really wasn’t anything I could do, short of leaving, so I dealt with it.

6) I applied to be a tutor for younger kids who have trouble with reading and writing. I hope I get in because it sounds like fun interacting with the kids, and I would feel like I was doing some good for the community. I need the hours of volunteer work for NHS, but my summer is also looking very open and empty. I’m all for hanging out and doing nothing, but there’s only so much of that I can take. I am also looking into other volunteering opportunities with Water for People and if those don’t work out, maybe the Humane Society.

7) I have been taking pictures like crazy. Here are some of my favorites:

8) I refuse to feel guilty about not posting for so long. (But in the interest of full disclosure, I totally do.)


Jessica said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! you are a really good photographer! miss you. Hope you have a great week. and congrats again on the award!! :) What do you get for winning the award? When do you end school?

Tela said...

thanks, i'm really enjoying it, and we are looking at getting a better quality camera, so that will be good. NHS is sort of like a club, so i'll be going to meetings and stuff next year. school officially ends, i think, the 28th, so i should finish with my tutor right around then.