Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It Makes Me Feel Alive

It is so amazingly beautiful outside. The wind is blowing hard from every direction and a few lone clouds scuttle across the brilliant blue sky. The wind almost feels like an ocean wind. It whips my hair around and blows open my eyes. It makes the walk uphill hard, but it is all worth it when I see yellow daffodils that have survived the cold winter to face this glorious day.

I don't require swimsuit weather when days like this come along.

Everything looked a little brighter walking home after art. I love that I just spent an hour and a half painting with no plan and throwing sponges dripping with watery paint at a canvas. It makes me feel more alive. And my hands stay dirty as a reminder to me of this happiness I felt. That I get to feel every Tuesday morning.


We celebrated a very non-religious Easter on Sunday. I like it that way; it is more about the celebration of spring and new beginnings and chocolate eggs than it is about getting up early to get dressed up and go to church. (Let me make myself clear; I have nothing against the people who do go to church, or whatever their place of worship. I don't know enough about this holiday to say it more eloquently than that, but I am not trying to disrespect anyone's beliefs. This was not something I was brought up with, and so I have come to love our routine.)

My mom and I bought some chocolates and then spent our lunch outside in the sun filling brightly colored plastic eggs with treats. Everyone got a chance to hide, and we are all getting more devious. The most fun is when an egg is discovered weeks or months later. That is the mark of a true hiding spot. (Although it's not so good when the chocolate is not in an egg and has been stuffed down between couch cushions and slowly melted and oozed. That's not Easter-that's work.)

(The leg looking things on some of the eggs are actually suction cups. Cool idea-too bad they don't work.)

My dad and I did get into a....scuffle over a particular egg hiden in a lightbulb covering. I somehow ended up on the floor twice, and did not end up with the egg. (In my defense, he does have a good four inches on me and over 60 pounds.) A Starburst was small consolation for this terrible loss of an egg.

Happy Spring and I hope you are enjoying the weather.


Jessica said...

sounds like you had a great easter!! I liked ur blue finger nails!! How is ur latest painting coming along?

Anonymous said...

Always look forward to up date on your activities. Glad you enjoyed the Easter egg hunt. What are you painting in your Art Class now? Grandma

Tela said...

I am currently doing an abstract that is quite a bit bigger than what I have done before (about 2 by 3 feet). I have no plan or anything, which is scary but very freeing. I am having lots of fun seeing where it takes me. I don't know when it will be done (seeing as there is no plan) but I will make sure to post a picture when I have it home.