Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothingness and Curly Hair

My hair is curly today. It actually had to be curled because it is normally really super straight. Although not completely straight and so I still feel the need to use my flat iron on it. A lot. I am paranoid that I am killing my hair and that by using a flat iron all my hair will fall out at a sad and unseemly age. Like 40.

So. I was talking about something. Yes, curly hair.

No, that isn't me. Because I am too lazy to get out the camera and take a picture of my own hair. Even though it would take about two minutes, tops.

It's really too bad the camera is working again and in the country because I can't even use those excuses anymore. Ah, well, you get to see my true colors. At last.

So, if you hadn't noticed already, this is a post about nothing. Or more specifically, the things that are floating through my head at the moment. Which is pretty much nothing. They are pretty short thoughts (if they can even be called thoughts) because that is about where I am today.

I filled out an application form for the National Honor Scoiety at my high school. I think they're going to let me in even though I am not involved in the community even a little bit. I'll have to figure something out that I can do at home that helps people. Or the environment. Just helping, in general. Ideas?

The clouds are really super pretty today; big fluffy things on a light teal blue sky. The kind you lay (lie?) on your back in the summer staring at. The ones that can look like anything if you squint the right way. Right now though, they just look like really fluffy pretty clouds.

Now my head is empty of all things, thoughts or otherwise. So now I am truly talking about nothing.

Enjoy your day. Oh, look, it's a turtle cloud!

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