Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Between the Upcoming Birthday and the Plastic Spoons, I'm Not Freaking Out

My mom's cousin (meaning my great uncle) stayed with us last night. I was utterly exhausted from my day and so I was more like a piece of furniture than a talking human being. I wanted to tell him that I'm really a nice, occassionally entertaining person. But I didn't. So I don't know what he thought about me.

Two doctors yesterday=utterly exhausting. Nothing new to report.

For dessert last night we had little mini Haagen Dazs. So yummy. I think the best part might have been the little, mini spoon that came with each one. (Besides the actual ice cream, of course.) (My parents pointed out that they're just tiny pieces of plastic. But they make me smile, so who cares.)

The PSAT is coming up. I refuse to stress or freak out.

My birthday is also coming up, which definitely helps negate some of the stress. No big plans....I can't believe I'll be sixteen. Not because I can get my license, which I legally could, but because it sounds old. (Shut up.) Compared to fifteen, it sounds old, is what I mean. More like adult-kid than kid-kid.

I won't be getting my license. It just doesn't interest me. I expect to be changing my tune once I actually have somewhere to go. But for now, it just seems like an awful lot of effort and responsibility. I cannot fathom why some people decided to let sixteen year-olds drive. Craziness. Scariness.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

My son didn't get his license until he turned 17. I was glad when he did, so I didn't have to drive him around anymore, but then I constantly worried about him driving alone - still do.

Sarah said...

I was the absolute worst driver at 16. I cannot believe that the state gave me a license!
Wait till you have a baby. Nothing makes you feel older or more like a grown up. It sucks.

Mark said...

cheers to tiny ice cream spoons!