Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am...

looking forward to a trip to see a friend I've seen once in the past four years.

enjoying my second consecutive day of no tutoring, due to a sick tutor.

loving feeling more like a teen-adult than a teen-child.

so excited for summer.

reading a few really good books.

thrilled with my SAT scores.

still going to take them again.

so relieved my camera is okay.

getting my wisdom teeth out (all four!) taken out the first day of summer.

finding myself looking forward to volunteering at the hospital every week.

in a pretty good mood.

I am not...

excited for the constant heat that summer brings.

feeling overly creative, hence the list writing.

giving you permission to tell your wisdom teeth horror stories. At least for another seven weeks.

finding myself very excited for art class.

able to move, because there is a cat on my lap.

feeling very good.


Unknown said...

okay, fine, i won't share my wisdom teeth horror story.

Jessica said...

feel better chica!! and that stinks you have to get your wisdom teeth pulled :( awesome you got your SAT scores back!!