Thursday, April 28, 2011

Minus Two Hours of Sleep

This morning my body decided it would be appropriate to wake up two hours earlier than the scheduled time. Which is really much too early. I have decided it must be the light, because the light I can fix. I will get one of those eye-cover contraptions and be all sleepy like a normal person.

But today I am awake. I wish I could say I had been productive, but really, I haven't.

I ate breakfast. Like usual. Except for the two hours earlier part. And I started a new book. One that I know I have pretty much no chance of finishing in the two weeks the library gives me.

I did math homework. And by did, I mean I spent five minutes on each problem, banging my head on the table and trying to figure out ways in which I could convince my tutor that the book has multiple typos, and therefore I am actually correct.

I turned on the computer and attempted to restart it, which took about 29 minutes. But I did get to read The Economist, which makes me feel smart.

I uploaded some pictures from my camera to the computer, after which I discovered that the vast majority were out of focus and pretty terrible.

I emailed a few people. I guess that counts as semi-productive.

And now I am here. After reading about Haven's  early morning, which inspired me to write this post. Which I'm pretty sure is completely nonsensical and definitely does not get a check under the "productive" column.

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Jessica said...

sorry you got less sleep :( Hope you have a great day!