Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Any Day Thoughts

So The Un Mom is currently taking a hiatus from Random Tuesday Thoughts. Even though there are still places for me to link my random thoughts and make them all official, I have decided that it means I can be random any day of the week.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The last Harry Potter movie is coming out July 15. I have said since forever that I want to go to the midnight premiere of the last movie. And now it looks like it might actually happen!

I spent about 32 hours organizing my Flickr page  last weekend. You will be relieved to learn that all my photos are now tagged and sorted just as I want them to be. At least for a month or so. Then I'll spend another 59 hours reorganizing and undoing all of last weekend's work.

I have always wanted to learn Morse Code. This may or may not happen, mostly because I'm lazy and it would take time and effort, and less because I doubt I would ever have any use for it. But, if I do learn it and commit it to my long-term memory, and then I have to use it (because I'm stranded on a deserted island or something equally likely), it would totally make my day.

I watched The Amazing Race last night and was horrified by the team that shoved the guy out of his cab. Horrified. Maybe it's just me, but I think that's pretty low. And people wonder why Americans have such a bad reputation?

I was getting directions the other day. The woman told me to hang two rights. So I was down in the deep dark baement, and I hung two rights. And promptly got lost. So I was talking to myself (yes, I talk to myself) and saying "Maybe I hung too many rights...". And promptly got freaked out that someone would hear me talking to myself, in the scary, abandoned basement, and think I had just put a noose around somebody's neck and killed them. Lucky for me, the deep dark basement was pretty abandoned, so I am not currently suspected of any murders, by hanging or otherwise.

I am completely incapable of taking my pulse while doing anything other than sitting very, very still and staring at a clock.

I should really be doing research on reflective essays right now

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Jessica said...

great blog!! I am thinking of starting a flickr page :)