Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bad Teacher

I have a bad teacher.

It happens. A lot, unfortunately.

For me, though, this is a first.

This is a subject I am already interested in.

I love it. I'm passionate about it. I'm thinking about a career in it.

I've never had this passion before.

Before I met the teacher. Usually it's as the result of a teacher that I love a subject.

So this year, I was so excited to finally be taking Anatomy.

Because I love it and just want to learn more more more.

And I'm scared that having a bad teacher is going to turn me off, somehow.

I'm scared because my record of being able to separate the teacher from the class is poor. As in very, very bad.

I love this. I don't want to lose it. Or have my passion for it sucked out of me by a bad teacher.

What do I do?


Unknown said...

I hear ya.

All through my schooling years, for me, the teacher WAS the class. My success and failure based solely on my feelings about them.

I wish I had not been that way. I wish I'd found a way for the subject to supersede the instructor.

Maybe you could form a study group of other interested people. Challenge yourselves. ???

Keep us posted

Jessica said...

awww I'm sorry. I like Annabelle's idea of forming a study group.