Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Days

I stayed home yesterday. What I probably should have done on Tuesday. But that's okay; this time, it worked out to do it a day later.

Note to self: In general, I'm not that lucky. Not listening to my body today means two days home sick later.

But this time, it worked out.

I went on Tuesday.

I survived the dullest Spanish class quite possibly ever, an hour and a half of doing homework and organizing the contacts on my phone, and then a worthless half hour meeting at which I learned nothing.

Then I came home and spent most of the night with my head horizontal.

Today I didn't go.

I stayed home. I took my contacts out two minutes after I put them in because they were being mean and having a cold makes my eyes cranky.

I look very different in glasses.

I spent the whole day in PJ pants and my old ratty hoodie. The heat came on for the first time. I love the sound of the furnace starting up. How I can hear the heat rushing through the pipes.

It was a good rest day.

One of many Kleenex, some homework, lots of music, and very little movement beyond the couch.

Today will be a better day. One where I feel good enough to do more than lie on the couch all day. And one that I don't have to survive.

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