Monday, September 5, 2011


"Hear the music/Before the song is over"

Good words. Words to remember.

More than those specific words, it's their sentiment, their meaning.

To slow down. Relish the small triumphs. Soak in the peace between whatever tasks fill your day. Find joy in the little things.

It all adds up to living in the moment.

However you want to say it.

I think there are never enough ways to say it.

I am always filled with good intentions. To do better, be better. But it is so easy to let the little joyful moments pass you by because you're so wrapped up in your daily struggles.

Struggles that have always and will always exist. It's how you choose to deal with them, and find the balance, that matters.

The second I feel like I might have glimpsed it, that blissful place of having it all perfectly balanced, something new comes along.

Disrupting my zen.

It's an endless cycle.

The ups. And the downs.

Anyone can live them. Survive them.

But to do more, to find joy in the midst of a huge cloud of negativity, that what we're all searching for.

To find a way to really live.

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michelle said...

Are you sure you're not 47?

I take that back. Many a 47 yr old are not that smart.