Saturday, March 3, 2012

in vs out

I don't like relying on people. People are fallible.

I would rather be self-sufficient.

This isn't to say I don't want any relationships. I do.

When I am in pain or trouble, or just when the going gets tough, my first instinct is to turn inward.

I don't share.

My instincts tell me to keep it in, to bottle it up.

Yet I know I can't go through life without relationships. Without leaning on others.

I don't want to, because all that pain and conflict just starts eating away at me.

So it may not be my first thought to turn to someone else, to ask for help, but I'm trying.

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Coley said...

I recently lost my two best friends who i've known my entie life for various reason.. one being that we just grew into different people. I have no other friends, but on teh bright side i do get to be self sufficient! I get to go on with my life in any direction that i choose without dissapointing or hurting anyone else. I think you should take is slowly when trying to confide in people and let them know you aren't quite ready to spill every secret about you. And ust remember, you don't need friends because society wants you too, you need them to help you.
Good luck hun :)