Sunday, October 14, 2012





I can do a lot of things I couldn't before.

Many of them I have no interest in doing.

But that's beside the point.

I can.

In the eyes of the law, I am now old enough to be a part of this society.

I get to help make decisions, and I'm also responsible for my own decisions.

I'm legal.

It's all on the record now.

This feels like a big one.

Some are just another year.

A good reason to celebrate.

This one, though, this one feels different.

Maybe that's just because I'm told it should be different.

No, but it is.

And that's about all I know.

I know I am so ridiculously happy for it to be my 18th birthday.

And really, what more do I need to know than that?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tela!!!
Yes, 18 is a BIG one! So celebrate like there'll never be another one like it.

Unknown said...

Oh honey - I missed it yesterday? I'm sorry!!

Happy belated Tela Day.

You are one amazing 18 year old. Wise beyond your years, kind and intelligent. I'm so glad to call you friend.