Saturday, August 29, 2009

Catch-up Day

Some homework was on the agenda for today. I read about the early settlements of the US and what the people's lives were like. It's interesting stuff, but makes for really dense reading.

I finally got around to cleaning my fish tank. It really needed it. Today was a weird day weather wise; overcast and threatening to rain earlier, and now sunshine and no clouds. So a water fight was off the table. I did manage to get myself pretty wet, not even trying. The tank looks much better now, and so far none of my fish have died from the shock. That's always a good thing!

My cat has been meowing all day because she has been locked down in my room. We (I should say my parents) are in the final stages of varnishing the new windows. All the screens were off, and somehow I think she knew escape was close by. I have been spending as much time as I can with her, to keep her from getting too lonely. (Cats are so high maintenance! But I love them.)

Tonight for dinner, my mom is grilling some salmon:
and sweet potatoes (which were already on the grill by the time I got the camera out).

On the salmon packaging I found this great-looking recipe for fruit salsa. We had a ripe mango, so I decided to go for it. It was fun to make, because I got to use green onions and cilantro from the garden. Anyway, it turned out great!  Do you have a favorite recipe? Or things you grow that you like to eat?

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Jessica said...

I dont personally grow anything. but we have a small garden and grow tomates, peppers, and some spinich.