Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On to Happier Things....

I am lucky to live in an area with lots of wildlife. We have had a few bears in our yard the past month. Yesterday we had a mother deer and twin fawns. I wasn't quick enough with the camera, but I assure you, they were very cute.

Last night my mom made vegetable chicken soup and platanos (plantains) for dinner. We have been passing a stomach bug around for a while (I am still convinced the cat gave it to us), and so last night was my turn to feel a little off. Normally we all really like hot, spicy food of any kind, but my mom kindly left out the green chiles. She did put some on the table, and was quite amusing when she put a few too many in her soup.

Here is a picture of the platanos. I like them plain and simple, so she just cut them up and stuck them in the oven.
Our cat, Smokey, has been a very unhappy cat lately. It is mostly my fault, because I let her outside when she is normally a totally indoor cat. Anyway, she has been driving us all nuts with her constant meowing. We try yelling at her and shaking the can at her (a tin can filled with pennies, it makes a loud noise that she hates). I don't know what changed, but last night she was eager to play and finally, finally, shut up. I think we tired her out, don't you?
Do you have pets? Any tricks of the trade for getting them to behave? (Does that rhyme?)


Jessica said...

I have a dog and he is well behaved as you know. lol. we shut him up by telling him to shut up. thats how trained he is.

Tela said...

impressive! guess you're a way

Jessica said...

yea i guess i am lucky!! when i go to the shelter to voluteer and i walk a dog there. i am always like wow I have a GOOD dog. lol. cuz the dogs at the shelter always pull on the leash and stuff.

SONZ said...

I have 3 dogs...The oldest is 14... he is blind, deaf and very very stinky! But I love him to bits!!!
So, since he cant see or hear, he is quite suspicious...tends to bark and make a ruckus for all kinds of imagined sounds... and he cant hear us when we yell at him to shut-up!... so,when this happens, my granny has a spray can of water which she takes to the balcony and sprays a mild mist on soon as he feels it on his nose he quiets down... for maybe 5 minutes.. :)