Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tristan, Claire, and Jason

Meet Tristan, Claire, and Jason. These three fine creatures are my fish. They live in my room, on the top of my dresser. My cat is vagualy interested in them, but they rarely do anything exciting enough to keep her attention.
They fascinate me. Just swimming around for hours and hours. They are really quite amusing when I feed them. I only feed them three times a week, because, in the words of my local PetCo worker, "a hungry fish is a happy fish". I know they aren't very smart, so I put the food right on top of where they are swimming. They have caught on that when I open the top it is feeding time, however, they immediately swim over to the other side of the tank. I end up putting about twice as much food in as they eat, because it takes them a loooong time to figure out where the food is.

I end up cleaning the tank a lot because of this. I have some snails that are supposed to do the cleaning for me, but they just clean the same spot over, and over, and over. Cleaning it can be sort of enjoyable if it is nice out. Last time I cleaned it, I almost convinced my mom to come out and have a water fight with me. (With clean water.) But then she said we could go to the new Harry Potter, and that trumps all, even a water fight.
I apoligize for the poor quality of the pictures. My fish apparently don't like being photographed. And this computer doesn't have any picture editing software, that I know of. But, it gives you the general idea.


Jessica said...

Thats cool about your fish. I have had a fish for like 5 years and its huge. I just cleaned his tank yesterday. and we had to get new stones cuz the other ones smelled so bad. love you! oh and you have reached 3 posts and you are still writing!! good job!!

Tela said...

i know! personal best! i still need to clean their tank-it's nasty up close

Unknown said...

so its so nice seeing you blog. i have a writing blog... which you can get to from the stupid 8th grade page. bah. haha hope you're well.

Tela said...
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Anonymous said...

It's so cool that you're doing this and already have 3 responses.