Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What My Illness Is

I'm going to address this now, just to get it out of they way. I do have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I have been in and out of school (mostly out) for almost two years. The good news is that, for teens, these sort of things tend to last between one and three years, and then disappear.

Fibromyalgia, a definition-
A syndrome characterized by chronic pain in the muscles and soft tissues surrounding joints, fatigue, and tenderness at specific sites in the body

Chronic fatigue, a definition-
A condition of prolonged and severe tiredness or weariness that is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by other conditions.

What they mean for me-
I have a headache every day. We recently found a medication that dulls it a little. Have you ever had construction done outside your house? With a jackhammer going all day? You are always aware of it, although it is easier to tune out if you are watching tv or reading a good book. But sometimes, it sounds like they are trying to break down your front door (my skull). Every day.

I have a constant stomach ache that gets worse when I eat. This has been relieved somewhat by some supplements/enzymes. Just imagine a bad stomach ache (not nausea) that never goes away.

I have joint and muscle pain. If you have every sprained an ankle or something, you have some idea of what this is like. No, I really can't pick up that book, and no, I can't open that jar. I would say it is like arthritis, but I'm guessing most of you are a few decades away from getting there. But if you are there, I sympathize.

Fatigue is usually my biggest adversary. I'm just tired. All the time. Every day, I have a struggle about whether I should sit down while I am brushing my teeth. (And if I am being good, this happens twice a day.) On the one hand, it would be great to get off my feet and lean against the wall for the minute or two while I clean my teeth. On the other hand, do you know how much effort it takes to stand up, especially while trying to not spew tooth paste everywhere?

Basically just imagine having the flu or a bad cold constantly.

I want you to understand what I'm going through and why I am the way I am. But I don't want pity, because while it is a nice thought, it doesn't do anything. It just reminds me, that, yes, I am sick, and yes, I can't do most of the things I used to. Hugs help. Hugs are the best.

If you want to learn more, start by Google-ing it. If you still want more, let me know.


Jessica said...

thanks for the explaination :)How are u feelings these days?

Tela said...

i have a cold/bug something so i've been out of school for 4 days now. hopefully i'll be able to go tomorrow. but before that I was doing better