Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Rambling Post About My Week

Sitting here at the end of a long week, I am tired, but not down to my bones. I started tutoring a young boy each morning in reading. He is doing well and seems motivated to learn, which makes my job much easier. The environment is very loud and noisy, but I've found that I am mostly able to focus just on him and block out everyone else.

It was week two of my photography and drawing classes. Photography on Tuesday was great; we all admired and critiqued the previous week's shots, got this week's assignment, and then went outside to shoot. I haven't really looked at any of my pictures yet (the new camera is great except the process for getting the pictures onto the computer is much more complicated and time-consuming), but I hope I got some good ones. A painting class was set up under some trees, which created some really cool mottled light.

I didn't feel in the mood for a two hour drawing class yesterday, but the feeling seemed to have no problem leaving me and my artistic abilities well enough alone, once the class had started. The teacher introduced us to a new technique using charcoal. You cover the page completely with the charcoal, and then use an eraser to create the picture. I did one of cherries, and I think it turned out quite well.

More than that, it feels good to discover this new, more artistic part of me, and to not be so scared that I can't enjoy it.

Today I had my art class with my neighbor. Nothing too exciting; just finishing off my painting, which took the whole class. She is going on vacation for about a month, so we won't resume until the beginning of July. I'll miss having that time every week, but it should help my schedule calm down some, and I will have lots of other creative outlets to fill that hole.

Our TV has been keeping us busy between the World Cup and the NBA finals. The last (basketball) game was yesterday. I stayed up late to watch, and was not disappointed. Lakers/Celtics match-up, Game 7, what more could one ask for? It wasn't a particularly pretty game, but still kept me on the edge of my seat. Shooting at something like 30% and still being able to come back from a 13 point deficit was impressive enough for a Lakers win. My dad and I went to bed happy; my mom not. (What fun would it be if we all rooted for the same team?)

I don't really follow any sports, although I do get excited and involved when big events come around. Super Bowl, the Finals, the World Cup, those sorts of things. I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to soccer, but I still enjoy watching. I looked up the rules so I have a general idea (who knew there was a rule about spitting?), but I still consider myself lucky if I can follow the ball and differentiate between the two teams. Team USA all the way!

My parents are hiking up in the alpine this afternoon, so I have the house to myself. (I forgot-my dad's back! It's great to have him home again, and we have pretty much settled back into our routines. I think I'll post some pictures of his trip once we see them all.) I need to do some of my technology class, but other than that, I plan on reading and eating a Popsicle and relaxing and enjoying the cool of the house. I might even brave the sun's wrath to pick some strawberries.

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Familia said...

So do we get to see some of the drawings and paintings, along with the week's best fotos? I took a drawing class in Goshen (as a way of fulfilling part of a required Fine Arts class) and although I don't consider myself a drawer, nor was I any good at it, I like how it helped me to see differently.