Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of the Year Ramblings

I have taken my final in chemistry, so I am officially free. It feels great to be done and not have to worry about fractions and pi and perfect grammar. However, I do admit to missing the schedule and the structure that school work gave my days. It wasn't a lot, but every day I had a few things to accomplish and take care of.

I wouldn't say that I'm bored yet, just sort of hanging in limbo to see when my summer really starts. I am looking forward to next week when my art classes start. I do not want to reach the point of mind-numbing boredom. It isn't any fun and makes me feel so stupid for missing school just for something to do. I think summer and boredom go together quite nicely, unless you have absolutely nothing to do.

I have been reading more, which always makes me happy, as well as getting a little more organized. Key words being a little. My closet is next. I am dreading it. I don't know how I manage to accrue so much stuff in a year, but it all gets thrown into my closet.

I have a full garbage bag of stuffed animals plus a shelf in my room devoted to huggable bears and cats and safari animals that I never hug. I think it is time to move them on (maybe not all of them) and do something else with that space. I'm sure there are kids who would get a whole lot more use out of them than I am. So, I will have a whole shelf (yes! One whole shelf. My room is rather full and the walls are packed, so it's a big deal when a space opens up.) just begging to be filled. I haven't decided yet, but something drastic and different would be fun....(be afraid, be very afraid)

I tracked down the user's manual for our old camera because I will need it for my class. I flipped through it, just to see what it had to say, and spent the next hour or so reading and discovering new parts in our old camera. There are so many!

I haven't had great energy the past few days, but I hope to be able to take the camera out and experiment. I'm hoping that if I am able to figure out all some of the features on this camera, the new camera won't be as foreign to me when it returns from its adventures. (They're both Canons.)

We've gotten a few emails from my dad and one phone call and it sounds like he's having a great time. Seeing lots of wildlife and new plants and scary poisonous things (he hasn't actually mentioned anything of the scary poisonous variety, but I'm assuming; he took a whole book on spiders!) (Can you tell I'm into the parentheses today?) (I think it's just me being lazy and writing really simple sentences. Okay, I'm stopping now.) (But I can't guarentee that.)

Where was I? No scary poisonous things in Namibia. Yet.

I had two doctors appointments today. One for a shot and one for my toe. We went in for the shot and told them about my toe and they made us schedule a whole other appointment just for my toe. (I think doctors are way too worried about making money. They make us come in twice 45 minutes apart and they book the appointments so close together in the first place they can't look at my toe at the same time as they are poking me with a long needle.)

The shot was fine; I barely even felt it. And so far my arm isn't stiff at all. My toe is infected and will be treated with antibiotics for a week. No amputation necessary. (Honestly, I'm a little disappointed the nail isn't going to fall off. I know, that's gross and way too much information, but it would be interesting.) Three hours and one smoothie bribe later, we are back home.

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