Friday, June 11, 2010

Breaking Down the Days

I took the training to be a tutor at the local literacy center. It seems like a great program that is able to teach kids the skills they need, as well as being interesting and diverse enough to keep their (and their tutor's) attention.

I start Monday morning, so I hope that goes well.

In the afternoon I had my first photography class. It is called "Discovering Your Point and Shoot". I feel like the class is a good fit for me; the right amount of technical jargain so I understand the basics, but mostly lots of hands-on time. We will be taking and critiquing photographs for most of the class, so I hope to improve some of my skills.

I feel like I have a decent foundation, but I need someone who is more experienced to get me to the next level. (Gosh, I sound so serious.)

I had my art class with my neighbor. My painting is essentially done (it is a mat like the last one), so I will be bringing it home next week. I was really tired pretty much the whole day, so I don't remember much.

My first class of tree drawing. I was, quite frankly, terrified, but I had a good time. I don't think of myself as a particularly artistic person (I know that sounds strange) and definitely not a drawer (this shouldn't sound strange. I specifically chose abstract because they don't have to look like anything.) I couldn't remember why I had signed myself up for this (I was going to say torture but then decided that would be a big exaggeration.)....class.

There were only three other students, which makes it feel safer and less intimidating. The teacher is really laid back, letting you come to her for questions, and not shoving technique down our throats. We drew lots of trees, from our imagination, not looking down at our paper, outlines, and with shading.

I didn't love any of the drawings that I did, but at least half of them actually looked like trees! I'm not going into this with big expectations, so I hope to just enjoy myself and maybe learn something.

I got my hair cut. A little shorter than last time, but not different enough that I feel the need to leap up and take a picture and post it. Or even find a decent likeness on Google. You are all imaginative people. Chin length, tucked under, hopefully easy to care for.

But....the big news of the day week is that my dad is coming home. Today. At approximately 6:40 pm. It'll be great to see him and hug him. (One of the biggest things I've missed is hugging someone taller than me. My mom disagrees when I say that I am taller than she is, but we all know the truth.)

I'm sure we will here lots of great stories (hopefully nothing too exciting) and see lots of great pictures (I'm telling you, after stealing the brand new camera from me for a month, he better have some good pictures.).

I have been reading a lot, spending time outside, shoving the camera into Smokey's face, playing games with my mom, watching movies (we watched the entire Harry Potter series while my dad was gone! I have always wanted to do that. It was really fun to see them in a row and have that continuity, but it also made the flaws and gaps in continuity much more obvious. And we'll have to do it all over again once the seventh one(s) are out.), taking my technology class, and sitting on our roof watching the sunset.

Have a great weekend!

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