Wednesday, January 4, 2012

on surprises

Sometimes, when I write, I know exactly where I'm heading.

Sometimes I don't.

But it's only occasionally that the destination surprises me.

When the words are already floating in my head, half composed, all I have to do is put fingers to keys and out flows a post.

A whole post. Or close.

When I'm writing because I need to write, or because I'm working through something, the words flow. In a different way, because I'm not thinking and considering, I'm just getting it out.

I find that many times the place I reach is what I already had in mind. Writing just confirms it. Gives me confidence in my decision.

In my last post, I started out with the idea of writing about silence. As the scene grew, and I saw this couple sitting on two sides of a room, I heard the woman telling her partner it wasn't okay. She would come to the conclusion that she was strong; strong enough to say no and not carry his problems as well as hers.

But, as I kept going and stopped thinking, the ending changed.

I wasn't sure how it was going to end until I got there. But that destination, a complete surprise, felt right.

It fit.

She thought it through logically, and realized she was strong. She wanted to change and be different. But something made her stay.

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Jessica said...

you are such a great writer!