Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank You

I promise this isn't a thinly veiled attempt to get someone to call me back or write me a thank you.

I grew up in a family of thank yous. You're welcomes, sorry's, and smiles. Being gracious, being courteous. In my household, that means asking nicely, saying thank you, responding to people's questions. It was quite a shock when I discovered that not all people have these expectations.

It took a long time for me to not be seriously offended if someone didn't call me back. I learned that with some people, you just can't leave a message. You have to talk to them in person.

After every birthday and every Christmas, I write thank yous. Although it's still not my favorite task, it's no longer a chore.

I like acknowledging a person's time, or effort, or caring. It's important to me to tell people how much they mean to me. Even if it's only a few lines saying "Thanks. I appreciate it."

I keep doing it because I know how I feel when I get a card in the mailbox. It's lovely to know someone is thinking of me, or got something from me, and took the time to tell me about it.

Even as it becomes more common to send an e-mail or nothing at all, I'll continue. It's my way to connect with people and tell them I care about them and appreciate what they do for me, or simply who they are to me.

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