Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I miss having time--or maybe it's just the concept of time--to read.

Reading is what calms me and centers me before bed.

I learn, I laugh, I relax, I leave my world.

Books allow me to escape.

And lately I've been a little short on time.

So of course I need to escape more than ever.

There are just so many things I feel I must do right now. 

Grades to worry about, sleep to get, writing to do, friends to talk to.

All good things. (Mostly.)

But they take so much time. At the end of the day I'm left feeling frazzled and needing sleep.

And to sleep I need to read.

But to read, I need time, which would be time I'm not sleeping.

I feel like whatever I choose, I'm stuck.

Stuck feeling tired and worried and stressed and without an escape.

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