Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stop Being a Lurker!

appy De-Lurker Day to everyone. Today is the day to make yourself heard. Today is the day you start commenting and saying HI. I admit, I am totally guilting of reading and reading and rarely saying anything. I have tried to start commenting more since I started my own blog. Because I realized it can be a little depressing to write and write and only get a comment every once in a while.

I also tried to make it as easy as possible to comment, so you don't have to do word verification even. So please, I'd love to hear from you. Even bossy constructive comments are welcome. Anyways, I think you get the point.

Onward I go....

with my somewhat useless, but nonetheless appreciated, comments.


Jessica said...

haha. im never a Lurker :)

Tela said...

that's a good thing. i love all your comments!