Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Snow

Good thing we took full advantage of the sun as it made a brief appearance over the weekend, because we are now back to full on winter. And Snow Days!

Grapefruit juice in a paper cut = way worse than lemon juice in a paper cut.

I somehow picked another cancer book. Not only does the main character get cancer, she dies. Someone needs to tell authors and script writers that other illnesses do exist.

I am very adept at putting the soap in the dishwasher with the intent to start the dishwasher. I just don't seem to have mastered the pushing of the Start button.

Ever since I watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I've had Secrets stuck in my head. Definitely not a great movie, but I love the song.

That's all the random I've got this morning, but head over to The Un Mom for your random fix.

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